CTSL Spill Specialists remediate red diesel spill in Derbyshire

26 Apr 2021

CTSL Spill Specialists are appointed to clean up and remediate commercial premises affected by a significant diesel spill in Derbyshire.

CTSL Spill Specialists remediate red diesel spill at commercial premises in Derbyshire

CTSL Spill Specialists remediate red diesel spill at commercial premises in Derbyshire

CTSL Spill Specialists’ nationwide team has been appointed by our insurer client to clean up and remediate commercial premises in Derbyshire following a significant spill of red diesel.

Spilling from a damaged tanker, the fuel quickly accumulated on a commercial site occupied by a business. Catchment pits usually containing rainwater at the premises were soon affected, and the business was forced to cease its operations until the diesel spill had been cleaned up. The spill also threatened to reach a reed bed above a principal aquifer, potentially causing risk to regional water sources.

Fast emergency fuel spill response by CTSL Spill Specialists’ England teams

CTSL Spill Specialists received a call to attend the site in the afternoon on the day of the spill. Our regional northern England team was deployed, arriving on site later that day and in attendance overnight with our emergency spill response equipment to control the spread of the diesel.

Booms were utilised to stop any further spread over land, and our self-contained spill response vehicle provided a pressure washing unit, beginning the initial clean-up to reduce long-term impact on this much-needed commercial premises.

Tankers pumped diesel out of the catchment pits at the site, removing multiple vehicle-loads of material. Our team’s sizeable response to the spill ensured that the site was cleared after only 48 hours, which was a fantastic turnaround time given the scale of the spill and the rural area concerned. The commercial occupier was able to resume operations, enabling it to meet strict production deadlines, and the immediate risk to the principal aquifer was also mitigated.

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Diesel Spill Site Restoration CTSLDiesel Spill Specialists

Ongoing remediation by CTSL Spill Specialists to restore site

CTSL’s Spill Specialists team remains on site in Derbyshire following the initial emergency spill response, cleaning the site and remediating to ensure no lasting pollutants remain. Spill into the reed bed has been stopped, and our testing shows that the outflow of water from the reed bed is clean.

Our environmental claims experts are liaising with the Environment Agency on an ongoing basis, ensuring good communication and professional handling of the remediation through to validation of the site.

Industry-leading spill response by CTSL Spill Specialists

Speed was of the essence with this site. Our England Spill Specialists teams were able to reach the site promptly following the initial call, equipped appropriately to handle a large fuel spill safely to prevent further spread and potential environmental damage.

As we continue to remediate the site and restore the premises fully to remove all pollutants, we’re pleased to have been able to demonstrate our strength-in-depth fuel spill response expertise in Derbyshire in line with our CTSL Spill Specialists service promise. The commercial occupier was able to return to operations after just 48 hours, and no contaminants in the water outflow have been evidenced; a notable result given the significant quantities of fuel involved in the initial spill.

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