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Environmental clean-up and remediation technologies by CTSL

Unique remediation systems for efficient clean-up

CTSL Group develops and commissions unique systems for efficient and thorough environmental remediation and spill clean-up. Paired with investment in leading surveying and project management technologies, our team is committed to achieving exceptional outcomes as quickly and safely as possible.

Our technologies create value-added services allowing for fast turnaround, paperless systems and even remote working to avoid time-consuming site visits. With a fully in-house team, our joined-up approach is accessible to everyone working on a project, protecting data and controlling costs to progress and complete projects in line with our high standards.

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Powerful 3D modelling software.

Modern technologies for efficient project management

Seamless working through digital investment

CTSL is proud to have invested in technologies which enable our teams to work closely with clients and key project stakeholders:

Unique in our sector, by using image modelling our teams undertake surveys using high-resolution 3D scanning, utilising images for pre-condition surveys and demontsrations of final reinstatement to showcase finished results.

Loss adjuster clients access walk-throughs in order to appraise properties and work that may be required without needing to visit the site, making an immediate cost and time saving for the insurer. The use of this technology also precldes claims for betterment and compensation for pre-existing damage.

With greater data protection compliance, document recovery access and paper-saving environmental benefits, our password-protected bespoke system allows our UK-wide teams to safely share full reports, photographs and inspection notes directly from site with clients and other members of the CTSL team.

Wherever teams are, our systems encourage collaboration and excellent communication.

CTSL has embraced video calling, which has proven to be an excellent way for site teams to communicate with clients, directors and project managers effectively and again avoiding the need for unnecessary and costly site visits. Problems and issues can be appraised and dealt with remotely, allowing the site team to get on with the job.

Our clean-up and remediation techniques

CTSL delivers a complete environmental claims management solution, utilising a full range of common and bespoke remediation techniques:

Used either on its own or in combination with chemical oxidant treatments, SVE can be used in certain circumstances to treat residual contamination in-situ. Dependent on factors such as levels of contaminant impact and soil type, SVE is useful as an alternative where removal of contamination is impractical due to structural constraints, for example residual contamination beneath property foundations.

The SVE process transfers volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the solid phase (sorbed onto soils) into the gas phase and extraction of VOCs, thus enhancing the remediation.

Groundwater is a protected resource and remediation is required where the groundwater becomes polluted as a result of a pollution event or spill. Remediation is achieved either by removing the pollutant from the groundwater, typically by removal of contaminated groundwater and processing through a suitably designed treatment system to recover the pollutant, or by converting the pollutant to harmless by-products via chemical treatment.

Different technologies are deployed dependent on the contaminant, which may be either less dense than water (floats on groundwater), more dense than groundwater (sinks in groundwater) or highly soluble (mixes with groundwater).

Bespoke treatment systems can be designed by our team suitable to the project, and our highly experienced remediation engineers are on hand to monitor and maintain these systems during treatment. For remote locations, data logging and telemetry systems are available to limit the number of visits to site, thereby reducing costs.

Chemical oxidant injections into soils are a useful in-situ remediation technique where contamination remains in areas where removal is complex, for example beneath property foundations. Injection of the chemical oxidant into contaminated soils results in a chemical reaction which breaks down the contamination in-situ.

The technique can be used in combination with SVE to extract vapours between chemical oxidant treatments.

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