⛰ CTSL Spill Specialists attend spill response callout on Isle of Arran (& a geological visit to Hutton's Unconformity!)

12 Jul 2022

CTSL Spill Specialists handles urgent spill response callouts up and down the UK on behalf of insurer and loss adjuster clients. Our regional expertise in Scotland is highly regarded, providing fast turnaround on callouts throughout the country and including visits to the Highlands and Islands.

CTSL Spill Specialists' team arrive on Isle of Arran, Scotland to attend fuel spill response callout

CTSL Spill Specialists' team arrive on Isle of Arran, Scotland to attend fuel spill response callout

When CTSL Spill Specialists received a call from our loss adjuster client to attend a callout on the Isle of Arran, we were pleased to be able to respond quickly. 

Our fully-equipped regional team, based in Bathgate, Scotland, is conveniently placed to serve kerosene oil and domestic fuel spill callouts throughout Scotland, including the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Led by experienced Directors with scientific remediation, building and civils expertise, CTSL Spill Specialists enjoys an excellent reputation in Scotland for fast oil and fuel spill response, clean up and remediation services.

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Fast domestic oil spill response to Isle of Arran by CTSL Spill Specialists

CTSL Spill Specialists received a weekend call from our loss adjuster client to attend the Arran property. Committed to excellent client service, and using our plentiful regional knowledge which gets us to more remote sites in good time, we were able to book a spot for our domestic oil spill response team on the next boat across to Arran and we were on site in 24 hours.

A fast response is essential after any domestic oil or fuel spill. By reaching site in good time, our team is able to survey the property, provide valuable face-to-face reassurance to the policyholder, and undertake immediate measures to mitigate further impact to the property or the surrounding environment.

As you can see, there wasn't much traffic on the journey! Our team loves the job, and we feel privileged to work in such beautiful locations.

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On-site survey & fast reporting to get oil spill clean up underway

The policyholder's property is a timber-clad holiday lodge in Arran. With a busy period ahead, it was essential to progress the job quickly to get the site operational again as soon as possible.

A boiler in the property's utility room had leaked, and the whole internal utility area of the lodge was impacted. Masonry and timber cladding of the property was affected, resulting in an extensive spill clean-up job at this much-loved holiday home.

3D modelling for on-site initial site investigations

CTSL Spill Specialists has invested heavily in technologies to support our fast kerosene, oil and domestic fuel spill response services. Directors Eve and Iain, with vast knowledge of scientific remediation and building expertise, carried out 3D modelling of the whole property which enabled us to report digitally to our client from the site on our initial investigations.

3D modelling images allow our client to 'walk through' the property, assessing the extent of the spill's impact and progressing to works approvals much more quickly. Whilst on site, Eve and Iain met with the policyholder to discuss the spill response, remediation and rebuild process in depth, to answer any questions and to provide much-needed reassurance as to the service levels he could expect.

Once our client and the policyholder's insurer are satisfied with the results of our initial investigations and our recommendations, CTSL Spill Specialists will return to site to manage the remediation, clean up and restoration of the property.

...And a geological visit to Hutton's Unconformity!

Any geologist will know about Hutton's Unconformity, so whilst on Arran our team made a quick diversion to visit this important geological site.

James Hutton made crucial observations at the site in the 18th century which have shaped our understanding of geology and the age of the Earth. One of the world's most important geological sites, along with notable others in Scotland, an 'unconformity' is a junction between two types of rock formations.

At cliffs and rocky outcrops where adjoining rock types were visible, Hutton observed how rock formations created at different times joined. It's a fascinating topic and we were pleased to take advantage of our local visit to see the site for ourselves!

Geological Visit | CTSl Group

CTSL Spill Specialists: Domestic spill response, clean up, remediation & restoration for Scotland

CTSL Spill Specialists delivers a complete suite of fast spill response, environmental claims management, remediation and building restoration services throughout Scotland, together with our teams in England, Wales and Ireland, supporting leading loss adjuster and insurer clients, as well as domestic homeowners, with kerosene, chemical and other fluid spill clean up services.

Bespoke consultancy and science-led remediation techniques are supported by our own in-house building team that expertly and with care takes down and reinstates structures to return safe and comfortable homes to families across the UK, and to restore commercial properties to full working order.

We’re proud of our excellent reputation for service. Policyholders, homeowners and insurer clients leave consistently positive feedback, delighted not only with the standard of our finished work but with the way their claim was handled throughout. Our strong focus on communication and attention to detail reassures every party that a claim is dealt with professionally, respectfully and with care.

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