Fuel management: Installing larger fuel tanks for greater business resilience

13 Jul 2022

Fuel costs have been in the news consistently for most of 2022, and the headlines look set to continue with supply problems, increased demand and logistics issues. As homeowners battle with the increased costs of running a home, businesses and public sector organisations are faced with additional challenges owing to no price caps and an essential need for fuel to maintain services.

Tank fabrication services: Installing larger fuel tanks to build business resilience

Tank fabrication services: Installing larger fuel tanks to build business resilience

So how can businesses adapt their processes and systems to become more resilient in spite of fuel fluctuations?

Many organisations, both in the public and private sector, are now reviewing their fuel storage and management needs and installing systems which give them greater confidence and reassurance in fuel supply, enabling them to consistently deliver services despite fuel market challenges. 

Design, fabrication and installation of larger fuel tanks is becoming increasingly common for our CHF tank fabrication team at our head office in Preston, Lancashire. Offering increased capacity and bespoke builds to accommodate your business's requirements, large and 'super size' tanks are an efficient and long-lasting means of enhancing fuel storage and supply at your premises.

How could a large, bespoke fuel tank by Preston's CHF benefit your business?

With increased fuel storage and management capacity on site, your business may benefit from:

  • Security of supply, ensuring that your organisation has access to a continual supply of the fuel you need to run your operations
  • Purchasing economies of scale, with greater fuel storage capacity enabling you to purchase larger volumes
  • Storage of reserve fuel supplies, ensuring that in times of shortage or supply difficulties you have a quantity of fuel to fall back on
  • Bespoke fuel tank design creates a fuel tank to suit your organisation - from your fuel tank's shape and footprint to its integrated pumps, fuel polishing and monitoring systems, every tank designed and built by our Lancashire team is bespoke to suit the demands of your site and business
  • Growing your organisation, with increased fuel capacity from a reliable, on site source enabling you to deliver more services to your clients, customers or people

Building business resilience with design, fabrication & installation of large fuel tanks by Preston's CHF & CTSL

Building an organisation's resilience may be determined by a number of factors. Able to withstand market pressures with a little more reassurance that fuel supply is accounted for, you'll continue to trade and operate efficiently whilst taking care of your customer and client relationships, your people and your organisation's reputation.

How could larger, more bespoke fuel storage enhance your business's continuity and management?

  • Back up generation for continuity of service

    Our team designs, fabricates and installs large, bespoke fuel tanks for businesses and organisations throughout the UK who seek to increase their fuel storage capacity for back up generation. In the event of a system failure, fully-stocked fuel tanks provide seamless fuel supplies to power back up generators, maintaining continuity of service which can help to keep hospitals running, IT services supported and manufacturing or office facilities operational.
  • Manage your costs to maintain customer & client relationships

    Increasing consumer and business costs are a major concern across every industry sector. By purchasing and storing fuel in greater volumes, you will benefit from increased visibility on operational costs which in turn keeps your costs to your clients or customers more consistent and less impacted by constant price fluctuations or supply issues.
  • Establish greater consistency for your people

    Economic and industry fluctuations present uncertainties for your people, which in turn may affect performance and overall workplace wellbeing. With robust, reliable and increased fuel storage capacity, your people will be reassured about their ability to carry out their roles and are shielded - certainly to some extent - from market pressures elsewhere.

Design of large & 'super size' fuel tanks by CTSL & CHF in Preston, Lancashire

Based at Leyland, Lancashire, CTSL's tank fabrication division CHF Supplies designs bespoke fuel tanks for leading organisations up and down the UK.

Providing increased back up generation fuel resource, greater fuel storage capacity for reassurance of supply continuity and allowing for business growth, large and 'super size' fuel tanks built by CHF are used by sectors including healthcare, security and prisons, aviation, manufacturing, agriculture, IT and data centre providers.

Features of our large fuel tanks, designed by our in-house team in Leyland, Lancashire, include:

  • Capacities from 30,000L to 65,000L, with interconnecting tank systems of multiple fuel tanks creating even larger storage capacities for the most sizeable of fuel needs on site.
  • Integrated high-volume pumps and hose reels to keep vehicles fuelled and on the road.
  • Fuel polishing systems, continually cleaning fuel returning to large storage tanks from smaller day tanks to remove water and contaminants, protecting valuable fuel resources and ensuring it is stored in a condition ready for use whenever needed.
  • Alarms and security systems, including fire protection valves and remote monitoring equipment which allows your team to maintain adequate fuel resources at all times.

In-house bespoke fuel tank fabrication in Lancashire by CTSL & CHF

Our new Leyland, Lancashire, manufacturing facilities enable CHF to handle large and super size fuel tank fabrication projects side-by-side. With an expansive working area, access to complete in-house facilities makes fabrication of large fuel tanks seamlessly efficient, even where multiple tanks are in production simultaneously. 

Our fuel tank fabrication specialists in Lancashire manufacture tanks to BS799 standards, save where you have different requirements, and with high production quality standards maintained through our ISO certification, large fuel tanks reach our clients' sites on time ready for installation and commission.

About CTSL & CHF’s bespoke tank fabrication services in Lancashire

CTSL delivers a complete range of environmental services that protect businesses and homes. A respected national leader in the supply of bespoke oil and fluid storage and distribution tanks, our in-house team designs, fabricates and installs tanks in businesses and organisations nationwide, from airports and vehicle distribution centres to prisons, hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Tank systems are tailored entirely to our customer’s operational needs, and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Safety systems and technologies are installed and commissioned by our team, protecting users and their business environments.

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