CTSL demonstrates excellent fuel polishing test results

23 Jun 2021

CTSL has invested in specialist fuel polishing systems which deliver excellent results, preserving valuable fuels for clients across industry sectors.

Fuel polishing by CTSL delivers optimal fuel performance for clients across sectors nationwide.

Fuel polishing by CTSL delivers optimal fuel performance for clients across sectors nationwide.

CTSL has invested heavily in fuel polishing technologies, used in fuel recirculation systems to maximise the value of fuel within a system through the removal of water, sediment and microbial contamination.

We're pleased to share the results of a recent test, showing the condition of fuel prior to polishing and the subsequent cleaned fuel following processing through our systems.

Fuel Polishing - before and after photo

Whilst it may often be more economical for a client to dispose of fuel when it reaches the 'before' condition shown in this image, our test demonstrates the exceptional results which can be achieved with our continually improved processes.

More here about fuel polishing & CTSL's professional fuel polishing systems

What is fuel polishing?

Fuel polishing removes water, sediment and microbial contamination from fuels to deliver optimal performance from diesel, biodiesel or red diesel fuel systems.

Carried out either under a maintenance schedule or as part of a fuel recirculation system, the fuel polishing system passes fuel through a recirculation unit to filter out water and particulates, optimising the fuel's condition and therefore enhancing its performance.

Why are fuel polishing systems needed?

Biodiesel concentration in fuels has risen from 0-2%, to nearer 7% in recent years. As a result, the increased volume of hygroscopic Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) means that fuel retains water in suspension more freely.

As condensation forms and builds over time within the fuel tank storage system, this contaminates fuel through microbial growth including bacteria, yeast and mould, which can eventually result in the degredation of your fuel storage system and cause the failure of the systems your tank and infrastructure serves.

When are fuel polishing systems used?

CTSL frequently installs fuel polishing systems into back-up generation fuel tanks. Fuel passes from larger bulk storage tanks into individual day tanks serving each generator at a site. Unused fuel is recirculated back into the bulk storage tank, meaning that fuel can often be moved around the system multiple times, on each occasion picking up contaminants which lower the efficiency of the fuel.

Fuel polishing restores fuel within a system, enabling a client to achieve good performance from this valuable commodity.

How does CTSL implement fuel polishing systems?

CTSL Group dewaters tanks, measures contamination quantities and skims out before processing the fuel through recirculation units, which remove water and particulate contaminants to 'polish' the fuel.

We routinely advise clients on the design, fabrication and installation of efficient systems which incorporate fuel recirculation units, whether onto new or existing tanks, providing client businesses across industry sectors from IT and Data to agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare with reassurance that their fuels and systems will continue to be protected.

About CTSL Group’s bespoke tank design & fuel management services

CTSL delivers a complete range of environmental services that protect businesses and homes. A respected national leader in the supply of bespoke oil and fluid storage and distribution tanks, pipework and associated infrastructure, our in-house team designs, fabricates and installs tanks and fuel management systems in businesses and organisations nationwide, from airports and vehicle distribution centres to prisons, hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Tanks and fuel systems are tailored entirely to our customer’s operational needs, and manufactured and installed to the highest industry standards. Safety systems and technologies are installed and commissioned by our team, protecting users and their business environments.

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CTSL demonstrates excellent fuel polishing test results

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