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Fuel management for IT & Data back up generation

Complete fuel management for back up that protects the IT sector

Back up generation is essential to the protection of IT infrastructure and data storage. These business-critical services rely on continual power supply to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of email, file storage, data protection and software to many thousands of businesses and users across the UK.

In the event of any power failure, back up generators must react seamlessly. Powered by on-site fuel storage supplied through bulk and day tanks, IT datacentres and IT service providers require sufficient infrastructure to maintain provision of services through extensive cooling and security systems, server operation and failover protection.

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CTSL’s work with the IT & Data sector

Our services include

CTSL works with back up generation providers to supply critical back up infrastructure including:

  • Large and super-large bespoke bulk fuel storage tanks
  • Smaller bunded day tanks
  • Integrated fire protection, such as fire safety valves
  • Bunded pipework and fuel distribution
  • Fuel delivery, security and alarm systems
  • Fuel recirculation and fuel polishing units
  • Remote monitoring alarms and gauges
  • Automatic or remote control systems and telemetry
  • Tank surveys, advice and consultancy
  • Decommissioning of old fuel tanks and pipework

Bespoke fuel systems for IT & Data sector back up generation

Each bespoke-designed tank is modelled using our 3D CAD system, creating a tailored and futureproofed solution which neatly incorporates all the systems required for safe delivery of back up generation fuel supply to IT sector organisations.

Manufactured in-house at our Preston headquarters, our team quality assures fabrication from start to finish before completing on site installation, testing and commissioning to fully-integrate our back up generation fuel system into the datacentre or IT provider client’s infrastructure.

Following installation, CTSL continues to care and maintain tanks, meeting OFTEC annual inspection requirements to ensure the back up generation fuel system remains safe, compliant and operational, while protecting the data, IT systems and businesses of millions of users.

Reliable back up generation fuel systems for IT & Data

CTSL’s complete systems support every phase of fuel supply for back up generation to IT and Data organisations. Bunded bulk fuel storage tanks feed into smaller day tanks, each of which then supports its own generator. Fuel polishing units clean unused fuel as it returns to the bulk tank through specialist fuel recirculation, ensuring that this valuable resource is in good condition for further use.

Bespoke systems allow for differing ports, outlets and suctions according to the IT and Data equipment serviced by each back up generator, and scalable systems are designed by our team to allow for future expansion of data centres. Telemetry including remote monitoring, alarm and fire security is fully integrated, supplying purpose-built fuel management equipment for efficient fuel delivery whenever it’s needed.

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CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Commercial fuel storage, distribution and protection systems from CTSL

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