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Fuel management, spill response & remediation for agriculture

Complete environmental protection for agriculture across the UK

CTSL delivers wide-reaching services to the agriculture sector across the UK. Working with clients from smaller dairy operators to some of the country’s most expansive arable farms, we provide reliable fuel storage infrastructure, fuel conditioning systems, spill response and remediation services that deliver all-round environmental protection for this crucial element of the food supply chain.

Agriculture clients have complex requirements. Fuel supply on-site must be convenient, accessible and reliable, with compliant systems built to withstand all weathers, fuel quality must be maintained to ensure farming vehicles remain in good working order, and spill response and remediation must be prompt to protect the farm and its wider environment from contaminants.

Image of fuel tanks designed and manufactured for agriculture and farming businesses.

CTSL’s work with the agriculture sector

Our services include

CTSL and CTSL Spill Specialists work with agriculture and farming clients throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to deliver essential fuel and environmental services including:

  • Convenient bunded fuel storage tanks with integrated pumps for vehicles
  • Large and super-large bespoke fuel storage tanks to supply arable grain stores
  • Split bunded fuel tanks for storage of both road and red diesel
  • Fuel polishing and conditioning systems
  • Fuel tank and infrastructure decommissioning
  • Bunded pipework and fuel distribution, security and alarm systems
  • OFTEC tank inspections, surveys, advice and consultancy
  • Specialist nationwide fuel and contamination spill response
  • Spill and contamination clean-up and remediation
  • Restoration of buildings and external features following clean-up

Complete fuel tanks, infrastructure & fuel management for agriculture

An experienced specialist in fuel management for agriculture and farming clients, CTSL designs bespoke bunded tanks ranging in capacity from 1000L to supply farm vehicles and smaller back-up generators, to 75,000L powering the largest arable grain stores, using 3D CAD to incorporate all systems required for the safe storage and delivery of fuel across an agricultural operation.

Agricultural vehicles are sensitive to water in fuel, and CTSL often incorporates fuel polishing, tank sweeps and filtration systems to enhance fuel efficiency and protect valuable farm vehicles. Integrated pumps, from rotary hand pumps to electric and high-volume commercial pumps, make for reliable and easy access to agricultural fuel storage.

For smaller farms, off-the-shelf tanks with integrated pumps offer excellent value for money, with decommissioning of old tanks, installation and remote monitoring systems that deliver a complete system from CTSL’s industry leaders.

Our bunded tanks and fuel systems are bespoke-designed and manufactured on site in our Lancashire workshop. CTSL delivers, installs and commissions systems across the UK, continuing to care for your tank with annual OFTEC inspections and advice that keeps farms operational and safe.

Experienced spill response, remediation & restoration in UK-wide agriculture

CTSL Spill Specialists is our industry-leading environmental claims management and remediation arm, with rapid emergency spill response, clean-up, treatment, remediation and restoration services across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for agriculture and farming clients.

From kerosene to red diesel, slurry and chemical spills, our remediation experts control contaminants before undertaking a complete programme of science-led remediation and treatment to protect the farming and agricultural environment on site.

Our in-house building team comprises remediation experts, competently removing contaminated structures before rebuilding to restore property to full working order. CTSL Spill Specialists’ team is directly employed, meaning unmatched quality assurance, speedy service and excellent project management for agriculture and farming clients.

Image of fuel tanks designed and manufactured for agriculture and farming businesses.

CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Commercial fuel storage, distribution and protection from CTSL

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