CTSL Testimonials

  • March 2014.


It is only right that I tell you how pleased we have been with the reparation work that has been undertaken since our oil work.

The entire project could have been very traumatic, but owing to the excellent personnel who worked here the experience was by no means unpleasant for us, even given the vast amount of work done.

We are delighted with how well everything has been re-instated, as if nothing had happened. I am particularly pleased that the drive, the only place that diggers, skips, rocks , other equipment etc., could be stored, is not at all damaged.

Great credit must be given to Matt Cleece and his work force for the way the project was handled. Matt kept us well informed and was a delight to have as our main contact. His grasp of the situation and interpersonal skills are to be admired.

All the workers who came here were excellent. They kept the site very tidy and safe for us, and they always presented themselves when they came and kept us informed. It may seem a bit unfair to single out any of them, but Ben and his co-worker [ I cannot remember his name ] and Pete, who were here regularly, were exceptionally good to have around and a credit to CTSL.

It seems to us that CTSL is an excellent company.

We must also thank you for your sensitive handling of the situation and for keeping us informed. You certainly eased our level of worry and we are very grateful for this.

We are also grateful to Teachers Insurance for settling our claim.

We should be very grateful if you could pass on these remarks to whoever you think should receive them, especially to Teachers Insurance.

  • 22 May 2013


Now that CTSL has completed its work on Lanhill House I thought l would write to you to say how pleased we were with the excellent work carried out by their team of men.

They were very polite and meticulous in every single detail of their work. Conditions were very hard for them in the very cold winter as well as having to dig out the contaminated soil and bringing out to the skip. They handled all our possessions and equipment with great care. They communicated to us on a daily basis which we appreciated. Each evening they washed down leaving the area clean and tidy.

Praise must also go the other members of the team who came from time to time. They too were professional and good ambassadors for the company.

  • 9 November 2013

North Yorkshire

After an horrendous fortnight with a burgled oil tank I would just like to relate my thanks for your help. My partner was abroad when it happened and it was a shocking event to sort out. I would like to relay my thanks to CTSL who did a sterling job to dig out the contaminated oil and complete the job in a week. Had it not been dealt with so quickly I am told it could have made the event a lot worse.

  • November 2013


l would like to give my sincere thanks for the speed and efficiency of the assessment of loss, and furthermore the arrangement of CTSL to complete the works. We were very impressed with every aspect of the service in terms of knowledge, punctuality and expertise and good humour despite bad weather. l would highly recommend that they are considered again if you need similar works completing.

  • 8 November 2013


l just wanted to write and let you know just how impressed we have been throughout with CTSL’s work. From top to bottom everyone who worked on site was a pleasure to deal with. They were all positive and confident that they could and would resolve the problem and make everything good again. From our point of view that really was very encouraging. All of the staff worked very effectively. Moreover, they kept the site as tidy as was possible in the circumstances, and packed away the sheetings and boards every weekend. That was important not only to us, but also to our immediate neighbours who were inevitably affected to some degree by dust, noise and various comings and goings.

So, very many thanks for all your help which was much appreciated.

  • August 2013

Powys 8

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work undertaken by Complete Tank Solutions in the project to remedy the damage caused by the oil leak we suffered.

CTSL were always very punctual and very good about tidying up each evening and constructing systems to enable our family to keep our usual day to day routines where possible throughout the project.

We were especially grateful for the step by step explanations of what they were doing, problems they encountered and suggested remedies which they were always careful to run by us. Where there were technical details they provided the necessary information in terms we could understand.

Please ensure our thanks and commendations are passed on to all concerned.

Lancashire Constabulary Logo
  • 31 May 2012

Lancashire Constabulary

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your prompt response in delivering fuel tanks to our police stations during the recent fuel disruption threat. It was very reassuring to see the Memorandum of Understanding between your company and the Constabulary activated so quickly and efficiently.

l am now confident that the Constabulary has robust plans in place which clearly would have stood up to any fuel disruption and l hope that we can continue to work together to ensure that these plans continue to be workable.

  • 6 February 2011


Although I have thanked you personally for all your work on my behalf, I also wanted to formalise it in writing. You no doubt saw that, in my ignorance, the implications of the spillage only gradually dawned on me. You no doubt also realised that l struggled to cope at times. It would have been even harder for me if you had not come to rescue me. You made the whole thing much easier for me to handle.

But you far exceeded what could reasonably have been expected of you. It helped greatly to have someone who could always find time to listen, to explain and to reassure, however pressing the demands on your time elsewhere. Your expertise and common sense have been invaluable. The work was well-planned and carried out meticulously, and it has taken a tremendous weight off my shoulders, knowing I could leave you all to get on with it.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for a job well done, and pass on my appreciation to your staff, who have all been splendid.