CTSL Group COVID-19 response

The challenges presented by the global COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) pandemic are unprecedented in recent history. We are now facing the most profound changes to our daily lives in peacetime, and it is everybody’s duty to do what they can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the government’s official strategy and resulting advice.

CTSL management takes their duty of care to our staff, customers and suppliers very seriously and we have implemented several measures to try and make sure we can all stay safe while maintaining business continuity.

Our clients can expect to see the following changes happening to the way we carry out our site-based services, from remediation projects to tank services and installations:

  • Prior to us coming on site your project manager / account manager will ask you to fill our ‘health & travel declaration’ form in. This helps us understand and mitigate any risks, such as where anybody might pose a risk of transmission to our staff or where any of our customers/suppliers might be more vulnerable to the effects of Coronavirus. This can be found online at www.ctslgroup.uk/coronavirus. Our staff are all required to fill this form in weekly for the same reasons.
  • Site staff would normally update you at the start and end of the working day – to stop unnecessary contact they will avoid doing so moving forwards, and for any discussions that are necessary they will try and keep a safe distance and avoid ‘close contact’.
  • Shaking hands will no longer be used as a greeting.
  • Where our staff visit any trade counters, service stations or shops, they will take precautions to include wearing nitrile gloves where appropriate and thorough handwashing after any visits.
  • Our staff are requested to think about how they can minimise non-essential journeys or face-to-face contact where possible. For example, using FaceTime/WhatsApp in lieu of site visits where possible, or Microsoft Teams for internal company meetings. Trips to builders’ merchants should be reduced, by requesting deliveries or forward-buying to cut down on the number of trips.

Our office-based staff are able to work from home as required – our IT systems are all remotely accessible to allow us to continue operating as normal.

Whilst we recognise that the coming months may be a difficult time for everybody, we are committed to doing what we can to maintain business continuity and continue to provide the same high-quality service to our clients. We will continue to review our policies and post further updates as the situation develops. In the meantime, please reach out to your project manager or account manager if you have any questions.