CTSL Group & CTSL Spill Specialists: Open for remediation, oil spill & tank fabrication business as usual

CTSL Group and CTSL Spill Specialists are pleased to have returned to normal operations following suspension of services during the recent pandemic closure.

CTSL’s management continues to take the safety of our team, customers, homeowners and suppliers seriously and we have implemented health and safety measures wherever appropriate, both on sites and in our offices and workshop, in order to allow us to carry out our work to our usual high standards in a safe and protected environment.  

CTSL Group safety measures

We continue to commit to the following:

  • Prior to us coming on site your project manager/account manager will check whether you have any specific COVID-related needs, such as shielding or other concerns.
  • Site staff would normally update you at the start and end of the working day – they will try and keep a safe distance and avoid ‘close contact’.
  • Shaking hands will no longer be used as a greeting.
  • Where our staff visit any trade counters, service stations or shops, they will take precautions to include wearing nitrile gloves where appropriate and thorough handwashing after any visits.
  • Our staff are requested to think about how they can minimise non-essential journeys or face-to-face contact where possible. For example, using FaceTime/WhatsApp in lieu of site visits where possible, or Microsoft Teams for internal company meetings. Trips to builders’ merchants should be reduced, by requesting deliveries or forward-buying to cut down on the number of trips.

Remediation, oil spill & tank fabrication services

CTSL and CTSL Spill Specialists deliver a complete range of environmental services that protect businesses and homes.

CTSL Spill Specialists

Led by Directors Eve Muirhead and Iain Rennie, CTSL Spill Specialists delivers a complete suite of environmental claims management, remediation and building restoration services, supporting leading loss adjuster and insurer clients as well as domestic homeowners with kerosene and other chemical spill clean up services.

Bespoke consultancy and science-led remediation techniques are backed by our own in-house building team that expertly and with care takes down and restores structures to return safe and comfortable homes to families across the UK.

CTSL Tank Fabrication & Site Services

A respected national leader in the supply of bespoke oil and fluid storage and distribution tanks, CTSL’s in-house team designs, fabricates and installs tanks in businesses and organisations nationwide, from airports and vehicle distribution centres to prisons, hospitals and manufacturing plants. Tank systems are tailored entirely to our customer’s operational needs, and manufactured to the highest industry standards.  

Safety systems and technologies are installed and commissioned by our team, protecting users and their business environments.

Contact CTSL & CTSL Spill Specialists to discuss your remediation, oil spill or tank fabrication project

Please contact your project manager or account manager if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to working with you. Please contact us if you’d like to get in touch with our team.