What's in the workshop? CTSL's current tank design & fabrication projects

19 Jul 2021

CTSL's workshop is always busy, progressing tank fabrication projects for clients around the UK working in a wide range of sectors. Take a look at our recent work!

CTSL's workshop is delivering fuel tank design & fabrication projects for clients UK-wide

CTSL's workshop is delivering tank design & fabrication projects for clients UK-wide

With complete in-house expertise in the end-to-end design, fabrication and installation of fuel tanks, fuel management systems, fuel distribution and associated infrastructure, CTSL is a national leader in fuel storage and safety.

Our portfolio is incredibly varied, so we'll show you around some recent projects delivered by our workshop which really demonstrate the versatility of our skills and sector understanding.

Find out more about CTSL's bespoke bunded fuel and fluid storage tank design, fabrication, installation systems

Fuel storage & pump for a farm in Scotland

Photo of 5000 litre bunded farm tank designed and fabricated by CTSL

This 5000-litre bunded fuel tank is a reliable, secure and convenient fuel storage and pump solution for a farming client. A popular product, we have delivered and installed similar tanks at farms nationwide, ensuring safe storage and ease-of-access to fuel on site for agricultural vehicles in particular.

The tank features an integrated fuel pump and, with a good storage capacity, the tank will keep the farm running efficiently and with accuracy. A solid, reliable and durable product that will deliver excellent return on investment over its lifetime!

CTSL designs and manufactures bespoke tanks for farms of all sizes. Some of our largest tanks are used in arable farming for grain stores, grain driers and silos, which often carry sizeable fuel and power generation requirements. Coupled with CTSL Spill Specialists' spill response, remediation and environmental claims expertise, CTSL Group provides complete environmental for clients in agriculture.

12,000-litre tank for back up generation in telecommunications sector

Photograph of large bunded tank designed and fabricated by CTSL

CTSL continues to deliver a suite of these large, 12,000-litre bunded fuel tanks for the UK's largest telecomms provider. Although the tanks themselves range in size, each cabinet and its associated infrastructure must be identical in dimensions and features to allow for consistency across the client's sites, in the tanks' siting and management.

These tanks are used in back-up generation, and this example is designed as a storage tank to supply up to 3 generators. The cabinetry includes a fuel recirculation unit to recover fuel from day tanks, ensuring our client enjoys maximum value from its fuel and back up generation infrastructure.

Of critical importance to our client on this national rollout of upgraded back up generation infrastructure is reliability, compliance and consistency in the design and operation of tanks.

4 interconnected tanks in common bund

A bespoke design for our client delivering back up generation systems and infrastructure to organisations across the UK, this series of tanks will be used by our client's own workshops. Comprising 4 interconnected tanks, the upper tanks will hold clean oil and coolant, whilst the lower tanks will hold waste product.

This complete system, a unique requirement for our client, wil deliver a complete oil and coolant storage facility for the business's maintenance of generator systems for major organisations in healthcare, IT and data and other infrastructure providers.

Although a bespoke design, this system will be relevant and of interest to truck and bus operators, and to large car dealerships and workshops.

About CTSL Group’s bespoke tank fabrication services

CTSL delivers a complete range of environmental services that protect businesses and homes. A respected national leader in the supply of bespoke oil and fluid storage and distribution tanks, our in-house team designs, fabricates and installs tanks in businesses and organisations nationwide, from airports and vehicle distribution centres to prisons, hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Tank systems are tailored entirely to our customer’s operational needs, and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Safety systems and technologies are installed and commissioned by our team, protecting users and their business environments.

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