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Leading tank surveys, advice and consultancy by CTSL

Professional surveys, advice and recommendations for safe site storage

Whether your site contains tanks for oil, fuels, chemicals or other fluids, thorough tank surveys by CTSL Group’s leading tank experts will ensure your tanks and ancillary equipment remain compliant and in excellent condition, meeting OFTEC annual inspection requirements and identifying preventative maintenance that will protect your people and your business.

With particular expertise in the survey of tanks that fuel back-up generators, and competent persons for the purposes of OFTEC regulatory inspections, CTSL Group’s teams across the UK apply market-leading knowledge of fuel storage manufacture, systems and environmental protection, recommending complete solutions to suit your organisation’s operations and growth expectations.

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Tank surveys, advice and consultancy services by CTSL

Tank and infrastructure surveys

CTSL’s nationwide team installs oil tanks at properties ranging from domestic homes to large commercial organisations, including airports and vehicle hire depots.

Tank surveys carried out by CTSL Group on both commercial and domestic tanks are an essential aspect of site risk-management, and fully comply with OFTEC regulations. Undertaken for a range of purposes, but in particular to inspect the integrity of tanks required for back-up generators for essential sites including datacentres and airports, our condition reports will identify preventative works and other measures recommended to maintain a reliable tank and distribution system. As competent persons, we are accredited to inspect fuel tanks annually, meeting insurer conditions.

CTSL Group was founded to harness niche expertise in complete tank solutions, including the infrastructure required to operate safe and secure fuel distribution and fluid storage. Our team provides professional tank, infrastructure and site surveys for clients in sectors ranging from transportation and logistics to agriculture and technology.

Expert advice and consultancy from leading tank specialists

Creating futureproof fuel storage and distribution systems, CTSL Group’s tank specialists take pride in delivering complete tank solutions. Organisations benefit from single-point procurement, appointing our team to manage projects from initial consultation, advisory and survey to:

  • Tank and infrastructure system design
  • Tank and system manufacture
  • Tank installation
  • Ground and enabling works
  • Interceptor installation
  • Washdown bay installation
  • Complete aftercare and maintenance of tank and infrastructure

The skills of our complete in-house team develop new fuel distribution and storage systems from scratch, whilst also providing advice, consultancy and recommendations to growing organisations which increase capacity and improve system security.

CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Commercial site fuel storage and protection services from CTSL

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