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Fully-managed fuel tank decommissioning by CTSL

Compliant fuel tank decommissioning and remediation

CTSL’s complete tank and environmental specialist team manages every aspect of a fuel tank decommissioning project, ensuring sites are cleaned and prepared thoroughly backed by years of fuel management expertise.

Including the decommissioning of fuel tanks and other fluid storage systems, CTSL safely decommissions tanks and networks throughout the UK, undertaking surveys and fully remediating sites in readiness for viable development. Enjoying complete in-house decommissioning and remediation skills, CTSL’s team fully manages projects for quality reassurance through to verification.

CTSL Fuel Tank Decommissioning Service

Tank decommissioning for UK-wide industries

Combined expertise for decommissioning projects

CTSL has supported businesses throughout the UK in the safe decommissioning of on-site fuel storage tanks and fuel distribution networks, supported by science-led remediation that returns clean sites ready for development.

Appointed to a fuel distribution site in Halifax, West Yorkshire, CTSL’s team worked in confined spaces to drain, clean out and de-gas five vertical silo tanks. Tanks were gas-free certified before being safely recycled, and the bund demolished. Dewatering and removal of contaminated water using water separating equipment utilised our team’s substantial remediation experience, uniquely blending tank and remediation skills to successfully return the site to our client.

CTSL’s tank decommissioning and remediation projects

CTSL Group undertakes tank decommissioning and remediation projects for sectors spanning agriculture and manufacturing to aviation, logistics and fuel distribution. As tanks become increasingly sophisticated and secure, older tanks are frequently replaced but require safe and compliant removal.

Fuel tank decommissioning and remediation projects are common, but CTSL’s versatile skills encompass the clean-up of slurry tanks and pits, chemical and other fluid storage. With combined expertise and efficient delivery by our in-house team, sites progress to development promptly and with complete reassurance that site values are protected.

CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Commercial site fuel storage and protection services from CTSL

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