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Fuel polishing by CTSL for improved system performance

Fuel polishing for businesses across the UK by CTSL Group

Removing water, sediment and microbial contamination from fuels, fuel polishing processes by CTSL Group ensure optimal performance from your diesel, biodiesel or red diesel fuel system.

As biodiesel concentration in fuels has risen from 0-2% to nearer 7% over recent years, the increased presence of hygroscopic Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) mean that fuel retains water in suspension more freely. Over time, condensation forms and builds in fuel tanks, causing fuel contamination which eventually may result in the failure of systems fuelled by your tank and infrastructure.

Fuel polishing, whether to a maintenance schedule or by installing specialist systems to continually recirculate and protect bulk fuel storage facilities, passes fuel through a filtration unit, filtering out water and particulates to optimise the condition of fuel.

CTSL Fuel Polishing Services

Expert fuel polishing for safe fuel distribution

Why is fuel polishing essential for diesel storage and distribution?

The freer suspension of water in fuel caused as a result of FAME leads to water build-up in your fuel tank, a major source of contamination which leads to microbial growths including bacteria, yeast and mould.

In turn, this may lead to system breakdowns and engine failures due to worn fuel injectors, blocked filters and corroded tanks. Fuel polishing filters the fuel, processing it to remove water and other matter which will prevent failures and ensure improved performance from your fuel.

Fuel polishing for bulk fuel storage systems

CTSL Group manages fuel polishing processes for organisations across the UK. Our team dewaters tanks, measuring contamination quantities and skimming out before processing fuel through recirculation units to polish and remove water and particulate contaminants.

We recommend that clients with bulk storage tanks on site install recirculation units onto existing tanks, allowing continual recirculation of fuel daily for reassurance that essential fuels will continue to perform whilst systems and engines are protected.

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Commercial site fuel storage and protection services from CTSL

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