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Efficient fuel distribution, pipework and infrastructure systems

Safe and effective fuel distribution for UK-wide clients

CTSL Group’s integrated fuel distribution, pipework and infrastructure networks facilitate the safe and efficient movement of fuels and fluids around a site. Delivery on demand is supported by bespoke infrastructure and pipework that protects against wastage and leaks.

Designed, fabricated and installed entirely in-house by our own CTSL teams, engineers design complete systems to connect fuel storage with end distribution. Whether developed from scratch or adapting existing systems, CTSL’s complete fuel distribution, pipework and infrastructure networks are futureproofed for capacity growth and designed always with fuel storage safety a priority.

Fuel Distribution and Pipework Services

Fuel distribution, pipework and infrastructure systems

Complete fuel networks for diverse UK industries

CTSL’s highly diverse client base benefits from bespoke fuel distribution, pipework and infrastructure systems which are designed to meet the site-specific needs of industries across the UK. Creating an integrated network from storage to consumption, CTSL’s projects have included safe and fast fuel distribution for back-up generation as well as large-scale agriculture.

Connecting a large commercial farm in Gloucestershire, our team designed, fabricated and installed a bespoke solution to serve the farm’s complete fuel requirements. A 30,000L bulk storage tank provides gasoil (red diesel) for agricultural machinery using a high-volume dispensing pump, as well as feeding a huge 4-storey grain dryer. Environmental safety was a key consideration in the design. Underground pipework was laid using bunded pipe-in-pipe, remote fire valves installed and other pipework installed using Mapress crimped joints to minimise risk of leaking joints. Mobile data-enabled gauges monitor tank levels from anywhere and notify of unexpected drops in fuel levels. The installation was completed with a standalone DERV fuel station for road-going vehicles.

Complete fuel distribution, pipework and infrastructure networks

CTSL Group delivers complete fuel distribution and fuel management solutions for clients across the UK. Our single point procurement model delivers reassurance on quality throughout, from design of systems using the latest in 3D CAD technology, to in-house fabrication by specialist engineers and groundworks, installation and commissioning by experienced site teams.

As industries such as agriculture become ever-more expansive, with greater fuel demands coupled with a need for increased efficiencies and improved fuel safety measures, CTSL’s unique expertise creates bespoke fuel networks with a single point of contact and unmatched industry knowledge.

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Commercial site fuel storage and protection services from CTSL

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