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Investment in technology for efficient and functional tank fabrication

Creating unique systems through technology

CTSL has invested heavily in technology, utilising new systems across our business to increase efficiencies, communications and expertise on all projects. Tank fabrication in particular now benefits from in-house 3D CAD design in SolidWorks, a solid modelling programme which enables us to design every aspect of a tank digitally before it reaches the workshop.

With design and specification changes incorporated quickly, and potential issues in handling, positioning and distribution addressed while the tank is still in detailed design stage, our team can be sure that the finished product will meet a client’s bespoke needs and strict safety standards.

Efficiency is brought into a project right from the outset. SolidWorks enables us to develop complex tanks for unique sites, with minimal changes or alterations to make once the product is in manufacture and allowing for more detailed planning of site transportation, installation and commissioning.

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Technology supporting CTSL’s project management

Investing in seamless communication systems

Introduction of our project management software across CTSL’s teams UK-wide has enabled us to gain more real time visibility on projects than ever. By capturing information and allowing for its easy access, projects are allocated, managed and progressed seamlessly day-to-day, enhancing CTSL’s commitment to service excellence and promoting greater transparency and accountability.

This efficient method of working supports strong health and safety monitoring through accurate digital recording, whilst adding value to our services with proactive site surveys and installation projects.

3D capture and virtual touring software

Introduced to support CTSL Spill Specialists and our Environmental Claims & Remediation services, Matterport is revolutionising the way that we assess claims on site and report quickly to our insurer clients, both before and after remediation.

On site, this 3D capture and video tour technology has proven invaluable. Attending a highly complex spill, we encountered difficulty in understanding spatially how the spill had impacted on the property. Matterport helped us to create a model of the building, allowing us to assess how the contaminant had spread and to put together a treatment programme including in situ treatments, drilling and masonry replacement.

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CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Bespoke tank fabrication services from CTSL

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