Bespoke Tank Fabrication

Fully-integrated fuel stations & debowser units

Complete fuel management for your site by CTSL

Designed in-house by our specialist tank design team, fuel stations and debowser units are a complete fuel storage and management system for organisations across a range of UK industries.

Created using 3D CAD technology whilst working alongside our clients to develop systems which meet the specific needs of their businesses, bunded fuel stations by CTSL and CHF carry large storage capacities and are fitted with industry-leading equipment including high-efficiency pumps and hoses, remote monitoring equipment and debowser units to offer excellent value to any site from agriculture to vehicle rental.

CTSl Lancashire Bespoke Fuel Stations and Debowser Units

Fuel stations & debowser units for UK organisations

Bespoke fuel station design & manufacture

Fuel stations designed by CTSL’s own tank fabrication division allow fuel to be stored on site, pumped and reused by vehicles from fork lifts and cars to agricultural vehicles and commercial trucks. Fuel stations meet BS799 standards, incorporating durable, double-skinned and bunded fuel storage tanks with fast, efficient pumps and monitoring equipment.

Tanks may be designed to accommodate small footprints where space is tight, and built to support petrol, diesel or both as mono or twin units.

Specialist debowsers for efficient fuel recovery

Fully-integrated fuel stations feature built-in debowser units, allowing fuel to be recovered and cleaned, ready for further use. Debowsers are used in many sectors, in particular vehicle rental where fuel can be pumped from returned vehicles and this valuable resource re-utilised.

Fast and efficient debowsers drain tanks at up to 41 litres per minute, contain fully-integral air separation, water and particulate filtration systems, adaptor flex and infra-red management system allowing for system readings to be taken remotely.

Fuel stations bespoke to your industry

Purpose-built fuel stations and debowser units incorporate complete features needed for the safe and efficient storage and recovery of maximum fuel quantities for your organisation.

Constructed at our premises and shipped as a complete unit, CTSL delivers, installs and commissions fuel stations and debowser units on sites throughout the UK, including power wiring, priming of the pump following first delivery, programming and training of personnel. Following installation, our OFTEC-accredited team undertakes routine inspections to keep your site safe and your fuel station operating to its maximum efficiency.

Fuel stations manufactured in lancashire bespoke to your industry

CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Bespoke fuel tank fabrication services from CTSL

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