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Domestic liquid storage tanks from CHF Supplies

Durable domestic tanks by CTSL sister company CHF

As complete tank specialists, our CTSL sister company CHF Supplies handles off-the-shelf sales of domestic and light commercial liquid storage tanks. CHF’s fuel, water and sewage tanks and accessories are durable, manufactured in plastic or steel for many uses. Most steel tanks are manufactured in-house at our CTSL workshop.

CHF is managed by our own office team, adding value to our product development, services and recommendations through our years’ of expertise in tank manufacture.

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Specialist knowledge supporting domestic tank supply

In situ sewage treatment plants

Changes to regulations mean that sewage from a septic tank cannot discharge to a watercourse or any other type of soakaway system other than a drainage field. Guidance advises that septic tanks discharging to a watercourse must either reconnect into a mains sewer, have a drainage field, or infiltration sytsem, installed or should otherwise be replaced with a small sewage treatment plant.

CHF’s off-grid sewage storage treatment plants for domestic properties comply with regulations, leading the market with pollutant removal levels of 97%.

Domestic tank installation in the North West

CTSL supports CHF customers in the North West with professional tank survey and installation services. Serving a 50-mile radius (approx) of our Preston base, customers access a complete installation and commissioning solution from one quality-assured team.

With years’ of expertise and an extensive North West team, CTSL and CHF deliver complete reassurance to domestic and small commercial customers that their homes and businesses are safe and protected.

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CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Bespoke tank fabrication services from CTSL

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