Bespoke Tank Fabrication

Bespoke bunded tanks to protect your site and personnel

Bunded tanks designed, manufactured and installed by CTSL

Professionally designed by CTSL’s team using the latest in 3D CAD technology and manufactured by our in-house engineers, specialist bunded tanks are utilised in a wide range of settings throughout the UK. Enjoying years’ of expertise in fuel storage and distribution, CTSL is now a trusted leader in the supply of bespoke bunded tank and fuel distribution solutions.

From complex double-skinned tanks for heavy industry to adapted designs suitable for many commercial and domestic properties, CTSL’s niche expertise delivers an efficient and quality-assured bunded tank that suits client sites and meets BS799 standards.

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Bespoke bunded tank design for UK businesses

CTSL’s bunded tank specifications

Although we do produce single-skin tanks where specification demands it, the majority of our products are integrally bunded and double-skinned, avoiding the need for secondary layers of protection such as concrete stands.

Consultation with client teams determine tank specification according to its location, use, capacity and the anticipated demands on the tank, and our investment in design and modelling technology will create a unique product that’s durable and built to last. All bunded tanks by CTSL are designed to BS799 standard, save where specified otherwise.

Specialist bunded tank design and manufacture

Our team designs and manufactures bunded tanks to suit a broad cross-section of industries and client needs. Bunded storage tanks provide secure, on-site fuel storage to a customised design, with capacity ranging from 500 to 60,000 litres. Larger capacity can be delivered through the supply of additional tanks where required.

Providing a full solution as a single point of procurement, CTSL fuel stations, incorporating bunded tanks together with cabinets including pumps, guages and other ancillary equipment will be installed and commissioned on site by our expert team, quality assuring every aspect for the safety and protection of premises and personnel, as well as efficient and fully-monitored fuel distribution.

Bunded tanks designed for industries across the UK

CTSL has designed and manufactured specialist fuel tanks since 2006, and our products are now in use by businesses throughout the country. We are proud to have supported clients in industries ranging from agriculture and construction to aviation, the IT sector, transport and logistics.

Our team also designs and manufactures bespoke bunded tanks for homeowners, and popular plastic and steel domestic oil tanks are also available through our sister company CHF Supplies.

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CTSL group is proud to work with leading industry clients

Bespoke tank fabrication services from CTSL

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